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The spring manufacutrer Alfred Weigel GmbH & Co. KG in Chemnitz

Founded in 1909 our company is specialized in the manufacturing of technical springs used in all industrial branches all over the world.

Each of our products is produced as desired by our customer and is adjusted to their purpose. Hence our products provide a variety of functions and molds.

Frequently we could support our customers with our experience to design and develop their individual product. Hence testing times can be shortened and we can help you to simplify the producibility of your product. With decades of know-how, our qualified engineers and skilled workers ensure the best possible relation between performance, design and costs for your product. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Flatform springs / leaf springs

Our flatform/ leaf springs are produced with cold rolled or alloyed spring steel strip with a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm. Among others they are used to conduct electricity e.g. in docking stations or mobile charging units. Even USB plugs are leaf springs.

Referred to railway tracks the leaf spring is used as a friction spring for heating elements to move switch stands even at extrem temperatures. Our springs are also used in many other industrial branches- Examples are the construction of sport equipment or the photovoltaic industry.

Bent wire parts

Wires could be manufactured up to a thickness of 2.5 mm. Our special wires are patent drawn, alloyed or surface finished and are used in the furniture industry or to build music instruments like organs.

Torsion springs

The various use of torsion springs is described in the following exsamples. They are used: for the interior of cars e.g. for armrests integrated to the center console; as a tension spring for simple gardening tools like garden shears; or for sun shades with a recess function.

Compression Springs

We offer compression springs with various designs and diverse end fittings associated with different functions. Compression springs are best-known for the use in ballpens or battery brackets but they are equally used for every kind of buttons within the electronic and sanitary industry.

Main springs

Main springs are characterised by a constructed loop at the end of each side. They are generally used for applications in the furniture or automotive industry.