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Darhtformfedern von 0,2 bis 2,5 mm Materialstńrke

Bent wire springs

Bent wire springs are springs without coiled spring bellows in accordance with DIN 6930/6935. They are produced with cold rolled spring steel strip. Examples are spring bows, spring hooks or wire rings. The minimum bending radius is equal to the wire thickness of the used material.

Here the diameter of the wire is 0,20 up to 2,5mm.

Among others our bent wire springs are applicated for fuse elements or serve as lockings or support elements. They are used to protect valve connectors to slip free from pneumatic valves. In addition these springs are used for furniture e.g. for self-sliding drawers which move back into their place. Furthermore the bent wire springs are applicated for mouthpieces for music instruments or for replacement equipment for organs.