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Druckfedern, Spiralfedern nach DIN 2095

Compression Springs

Compression springs are also called spiral springs. These cylindric coil springs are produced in accordance with DIN 2095. We use round cold moulded spring steel wire with a wire diameter of 0,16 until 3,0 mm and with a maximal external diameter of 45,0 mm.

To define the right version for the needed application, the following performance characteristics are crucial for the production of technical springs.

Alfred Weigel KG Federnfabrik is using among others gold-plated material. It is mainly utilised to improve the electric conductivity. As a special case, premium compression springs are used for the semiconductor industry or are applicated as antennas for signal amplification.

Compression springs without gold plating which are used to conduct electricity are applicated in battery boxes of e.g. remote controlls, digital cameras, wireless keyboards, calculators or telephones.

Furthermore compression springs are applicated for cable sleeve support, lock cylinder or for different buttons (bread slicing machines, lavatory flush, hand dryer, light switch) and are also used at the toy industry.

We are experts for the production of technical springs especially for extreme filigree parts used for medical and dental technology (sterility), for building measurement devices (repeatable accuracy) or for hearing aids (small size of the parts).