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Flachformfedern fr alle industriellen Anwendungsbereiche

Flatform springs/ leaf springs

Our flatform/ leaf springs are produced with cold rolled spring steel strip in accordance with DIN 6930 and DIN 6935.

The manufacturing of the parts is dependent from the needed stamp power and the desired bending. The processing of the spring steel strip is possible until a thickness of  2.5 mm.

Electric conductivity of flatform springs

In some cases flatform springs are applied to conduct electricity. One example is one of our springs which is used in docking stations for electronic devices. This leaf spring guarantees the connection between the mobile device and the charging station. Another example of a contact spring is the plug contact of USB devices which is made of metallic materials to conduct electricity.

But that is not the only application of leaf springs. Another example where our technical springs are used are wing or side mirrors of cars. There, the spring has to fix the mirror glas during adjustments. Referred to railway tracks the leaf spring is used for heating elements to move switch stands even in winter. Our springs are also used in lights to ensure a solid connection between the lamp socket and the racked plexiglass.

Further range of applications for leaf springs

Our springs are also used in the photovoltaic industry. Important is here a really high efficiency which is reached by our special conductive coatings.

In addition Alfred Weigel KG Federnfabrik serves customers in the industries listed below:

Besides our flatform springs are used for professional tools, picture frames or for mounting brackets for high-speed assembly systems. Moreover you can trust in our know-how  in the matter of beauty, because we have already produced gold plated parts for jewellery. Further we delivered decorative parts used for the furniture industry.