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Drehfedern und Doppeldrehfedern aus Federtahldraht

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are also called spring clips or double torsion springs.

We produce these springs with cold deformed spring steel wire in accordance with DIN 2194 and 2097 and with a wire diameter of 0,20 up to 2,5mm. In addition our springs can be produced with or without slope (torsion clearance), with a left or right winding direction and with different moulds and turnings. Other important features are the producing angle a, the bias angle a1 and operating angle a2.

Torsion springs can be manufactured by specifying the spring force respectively the torque.

Our double torsion springs are applicated for centre armrests of vehicles to close their top after opening. Furthermore our torsion springs are used for simple gardening tools like hedge shears to ensure that the shear legs move back to their starting position after a cut.

Furthermore the technical springs of Alfred Weigel KG Federnfabrik are applicated for sun shades with a recess function.