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Technische Federn in verschiedenen Formen und Ausführungen

Technical springs

One of the oldest and most important energy storing facilities

Technical springs are considered to be unimportant compared with the more complex end product. However they are one of the oldest and most important energy storing facilities. Today we are not sure when humans discovered and used the first flexible and springy features of wood or animal tendons. But sure is, they used these features for their bow-hunting. During the Bronze Age the first metals were processed by humans. E.g. for former cloakpins some subsequent features of technical springs were adopted.

Technical springs from flat stocks

The first technical springs from flats were already manufactured before the Common Era. They were used for slingshots, in the Middle Ages for catapults or for engines of lathes.

When wire drawing was developed, the using of steel wire was possible. For instance Leonardo da Vinci used kinds of compression springs for wheel-lock rifles. After the mid-18th century the development of technical springs proceeded really fast. Thanks to new and more effective methods of steel production, new industries could emerge which increased the demand of technical springs significantly. Examples for those industries are the railroad construction, the early machine engineering and later the development of vehicles of all kinds. By the end of the 19th century the manufacturing of springs was mainly non-industrial. But at the beginning of the last century, important developments for the production of technical springs induced the technological progress like patents on wires or coiling machines.

Today technical springs are usually produced fully automatically for all industries. Main customers are for instance:  the automotive industry, the machinery and plant engineering, the sanitary industry, the medical engineering, the toy industry and also the electrical and electronic industry.

In the video clip below, we show you various technical springs produced at our company. The manufacturing of our technical springs is adjusted especially to our customer's desire.