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Stanzbiegeteile und Flachformfedern | bent strip springs | leaf springs, stamped and formed metal parts

  • Technical springs made of cold rolled spring band steel, according to DIN 6930 and DIN 6935
  • Made to measure and customer specifications, depending on the required stamping force and desired bend

Federnfabrik Alfred Weigel manufactures stamped and formed metal parts for a wide range of industrial applications.

Areas of Application

As contact spring with electrical conductivity

  • Docking stations
  • USB devices
  • Car side mirrors
  • Rail system ( for railroads)
  • Lighting construction

Industrial Applications

  • automotive industry (interior)
  • Solar and photovoltaic
  • Aerospace
  • Sanitary appliances
  • Sports equipment
  • Conveyor technology
  • Electrical industry
  • Fire protection
  • Jewellery and furniture industry (custom-made products)

Other Applications

  • Professional tools
  • Picture frames
  • Folding walls
  • Fastening clamps for quick mounting system

Are you interested in stamped-bent parts and flat-form springs? We are also at your disposal with our know-how and years of experience to develop individual specialized springs.

Replace Expensive Turned or Deep-Drawn Parts With Stamped-Bent Parts.

High-quality stamped-bent parts, cylindrical or in other geometric shapes replace expensive turned or deep-drawn parts.

We manufacture high-quality stamped-bent parts as cylindrical bodies, also called rolled bushings. They are used to replace your previous expensive turned parts or deep-drawn parts. Such bushings are used, for example, for press-fitting or injection moulding in plastic and metal housings. Our bushings are preferably available in stainless steel X5 CrNi 18.10 or in material DC 01, optionally also with corrosion-resistant coating. For your customised application, we also manufacture the bushings from other materials, for example hardened spring steel, or in deviating geometric shapes. Please contact us!

Edge Finishes of Band Steel/Flat Material as Pre-Material for Rolled Bushings

We produce rolled bushings cost-effectively in the stamping process from the running material coil. Subsequent chamfering by machining is not needed. Choose the best edge treatment for you on the band material used:

1. Edge Processing With Material Removal: Chasing or Tool Rounded

The band edges are machined with hard metal plates. This process is called tool rounding. The edges can be tool rounded, single or double tool rounded.

2. Edge Processing Without Material Removal: Rolling or Roll Rounding

The edges of the material are rolled round. That is why this process is called roller rounding. It is suitable for “softer” band material for which chasing cannot be used.


We prefer to use slightly softer material for bushing production, which is more suitable for the high degree of forming. To achieve the hardness required for your application, we can subsequently thermally harden the bushings.

We are also happy to manufacture stamped and bent parts for your application. Our engineers are happy to contribute their experience to your product development process. Together with your specialists, we will find an optimal balance of function, design and cost for your technical springs or bent parts.

Do you have special requirements or questions for us? Please contact us!