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Corrosion protection of technical springs

Corrosion protection includes all actions which avoid harms and damages caused by corrosion and which extent the lifetime of technical springs. The surface has to be chosen depending on the field of application and the requirements for the technical spring.

Besause of their effects, it has to be distinguished between passive and active coatings. Passive layers insulate the material to protect it from external impacts. Active layers and also sacrificial layers are removed by corrosion. They obtain the functions of the material and of the technical spring as long as possible.

To choose the right surface coating do not hesitate to contact us. It is a pleasure to help you with our know-how.


Burnishing is a method of surface treatment with less corrosion protection to give the material e.g. stainless steel a black coloured surface.

Dacromet coating

A dacromet coating is an excellent corrosion protection of metallic surfaces. This mineral coating looks metallic silver.

The thickness of the layers could be raised if reqired.

Galvanic zinc plating

The surface is plated with a zinc coating. A specification of the minimum thickness in µm and of the requested colour is needed. The following colours are possible:

Only the surface coating type A and B are free of chromonium IV and are RoHS conformal.

Nickel plating

Galvanic nickel plating is an excellent method for long-term corrosion protection. Even under high temperatures the base metal corrosion resistancy is available (720 hours in accordance with DIN 50021).

This method is used to avoid a contact corrosion between steel parts in connection with aluminium. The final product has a white looking similarly silver.