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Corrosion Protection for Technical Springs

Corrosion protection is the term used to describe measures to prevent damage caused by corrosion to technical springs in order to extend their service life. The choice of surface depends on the area of application and the requirements placed on the technical springs.

Based on their mode of action, a differentiation is made between passive and active coatings. Passive coatings insulate the material to protect it from external influences. Active coatings, also known as sacrificial coatings, are removed by corrosion and therefore maintain the function of the material and thus also of the technical spring for as long as possible.

You are welcome to use our know-how when choosing a suitable surface coating.

Black Finishing

Black finishing is a simple surface treatment with low protection against corrosion with a black appearance. For stainless steel, this process is called stainless steel burnishing – blackening.

Zinc fin Coating
Zinc fin coatings are non-electrolytically applied coatings that provide good corrosion protection. These coatings consist of a mixture of zinc and aluminium fins bound together by an inorganic matrix. In combination with post-treated thin organic or inorganic coatings, they can also be coloured.
Galvanic Zinc Coating

The surface is coated with a zinc layer. The specification of the minimum layer thickness in µm and a colour selection is required. It is possible to choose from the following colours:

  • A = colourless
  • B = blue
  • C = yellow
  • D = olive
  • F = black

Only the surface coatings in colourless and blue are chrome IV free and therefore RoHS compatible.

Nickel Coating

Galvanic nickel coating is a high long-term corrosion protection, which has a high base metal corrosion resistance – 720 h according to DIN 50021 even at a high thermal load.

This process is intended to prevent contact corrosion of steel parts in combination with aluminium. The final product has a white, silver-like appearance.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a coating process for current-conducting materials. In the process, a powder coating is applied to the pre-treated surface and subsequently crosslinked under the influence of heat.

You can find an overview of the standard industrial springs we produce on the Technical Springs page.

Would you like advice on which surface coating will achieve the best result for your application?